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Stunning Handmade Timber Cutting & Serving Boards - Every Piece Is Unique

 At Woodshed Slab Furniture & Décor we hand-make timber pieces with exceptional care and craftsmanship. All of our pieces are fashioned from top-quality timber slabs sourced from the NSW Northern Rivers region and are designed, cut, and sanded by hand.

 The majority of our cutting boards are made from beautiful camphor laurel timber, which holds natural antibacterial properties, making it the superior product for cutting and chopping to your heart's content. You can be assured that our pieces are of the highest quality and made to last.

 Each piece of superb timber is unique, its smooth finish warm and alluring to the eye, all thanks to the premium grape seed oil we use.

Our one-of-a-kind pieces stand out with captivating coloured resin features that can be custom designed to suit your tastes.

Designed to be functional as well as beautiful, our products are able to withstand daily use. Chop, cut, serve, they’ll handle it all, all while remaining beautiful the whole time. This versatility allows you to display or utilise your exquisite timber item however you see fit.   

Local Experience Meets Exquisite Local Materials

 As a local NSW husband and wife team, our expertise has grown over the last 7 years. We combine the skills of our knowledge of quality timbers and previous creative, hands-on pursuits to deliver pieces that you’ll be receiving compliments on for years to come.

 After extensive research and testing, we know that we provide our loyal customers with the most suitable and exquisite products.  

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